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The following chart illustrates loan programs we offer. We suggest that you contact us to discuss your particular home financing needs so we can help identify the best loan program for you, at the best rate 30-Years

Fixed-Rate Loans                                        Conforming     //       Jumbo
40-Years                                                                Yes                         Yes
30-Years                                                                Yes                         Yes
20-Years                                                                Yes                         Yes
15-Years                                                                Yes                         Yes
10-Years                                                                Yes                         Yes
FHA **                                                                     Yes                         Yes
VA **                                                                        Yes                         Yes
Adjustable-Rate Loans                              Conforming     //       Jumbo
1 month / 1 month                                               Yes                         Yes
3 months / 3 months                                           Yes                         Yes
6 months / 6 months                                           Yes                         Yes
1 year / 1 year                                                        Yes                         Yes
3/1 ARM                                                                  Yes                         Yes
5/1 ARM                                                                  Yes                         Yes
7/1 ARM                                                                  Yes                         Yes
10/1 ARM                                                                Yes                         Yes
Home Equity Loans                                     Conforming     //       Jumbo
2nd Mortgage Fixed-Rate                                     Yes                         Yes
2nd Mortgage Adjustable                                     Yes                         Yes
Property Types                                             Conforming     //       Jumbo
Single Family                                                         Yes                        Yes
2-4 Family Homes                                                Yes                        Yes
Condo, less than 5 stories                                 Yes                         Yes
Condo, more than 5 stories                               Yes                         Yes
Co-ops                                                                    Yes                         Yes
Modular Homes                                                    Yes                         Yes
Land                                                                        Yes                         Yes
Planned Unit Development                                                                              
(PUD) Attached and Detached                           Yes                         Yes
Waive escrow of taxes and insurance                            Yes
Subject to program guidelines                         Under 80.00% LTV            
Interest-Only                                                          Yes                         Yes

**Limited to maximum loan amount limits set by FHA and VA
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